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Plitvice lakes - the oldest and largest National park in Croatia, consists of 16 lakes interconnected by cascades and waterfalls. Charge your batteries in breathtaking nature and enjoy the beautiful shades of green and blue that surround you. Plitvice is one of 10 Croatian beauties listed on UNESCO World Heritage List, and they are open all year round for visitors.
Before Plitvice, you'll visit Rastoke - a small village, full of mills by the river, often called “Plitvice in the Small”, where the Slunjčica River flows through the steep cliffs into the river Korana. Walk along the mills, waterfalls, small lakes and enjoy this pristine natural beauty.

About agency
We are two young, proud Croats, who are avid travellers, in love with our beautiful country. We’re best friends, borderline sisters and the best travel buddies. We travel and organize our journeys, not only abroad but also in Croatia. We have decided to synthesize our love for traveling, with the virtue of the beautiful country that we call our home into a business model that will help us share this opportunity with others. We want to show the world Croatia through our own eyes, aka the eyes of a local.