Mon-Sat 12AM-12PM; Sun 12AM-17PM
Nova Ves 4

Since 1982, this has been a type of oasis for the older clientele of Zagreb, the people who like to eat and drink well and in abundance, but always at a high level and with the best quality staff.

The menu is a clash of the Mediterranean and continental cuisine (separate menus for fish and meat!), we follow the seasons with respect to herbs and plants, but we can agree to get you just about anything any time of the year. Modern music spreads through a beautiful interior. It is as if the time had stopped in the 30s, everything is designed with dark wood colour, cute old coasters on firm tables, old artifacts from previous centuries staring at you from the walls, wagon wheels, lanterns, hand-sewn folk costumes, dishes, canteens…A beautiful little museum, tastefully and not too tightly arranged, with a mandatory fireplace.

Our warmest recommendation is for you to take an afternoon off, watch an old movie about Zagreb, or any black-and-white movie, and give yourself over to the attested extraordinary chefs of Baltazar, on a peaceful, floral terrace, or in the old-fashioned interior. Here, everything is beautiful, Zagreb is as it should be, so feel free to drop by.