BUNDEK PARK – A perfect place to spend a day with family!

The park provides:
1 barbecue sets, barbecues with garden benches and tables
2 cycling and rollerblading track with a length of 1650 m
3 walking track of health, a 700-meter track intended for Nordic walking and running
4 children’s playgrounds, one of which is designed for children with disabilities
5 sand courts for volleyball and handball
6 stage on water for around 2.500 people
7 Bars and restaurants

What to do at Bundek Park?
Enjoy nature, ride a bike, Rollerblade skating, barbecue and picnic…
Especially a great place for families as there are three modern playgrounds suited for kids of all ages.
The eastern part of the park is mostly reserved for pets. It is a vast greenery that offers lots of space.

Bundek Video