Ivan Mažuranić Square

Square Ivan Mažuranić 

Ivan Mažuranić (11 August 1814 – 4 August 1890) was a Croatian poet, linguist, lawyer and politician who is considered to be one of the most important figures in Croatia’s political and cultural life in the mid-19th century. Mažuranić served as Ban of Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia between 1873 and 1880, and since he was the first ban not to hail from old nobility, he was known as Ban pučanin (Ban commoner).His realistic assessment of strengths and weaknesses of Croatia’s position between the hammer of Austrian bureaucracy and the anvil of Hungarian expansionist nationalism served his country invaluably in times of political turmoil. Mažuranić is best remembered for his contributions in development of the Croatian law system, economics, linguistics and poetry.
Mažuranić’s portrait is depicted on the obverse of the Croatian 100 kuna banknote, issued in 1993 and 2002