Ivan Mestrovic Museums

Tue-Fri 10.00-18.00; Sat-Sun 10.00-14.00
Mletačka 8

The Meštrović Studio is part of the Ivan Meštrović Museums together with the Meštrović Gallery and Kaštelet-Crkvine in Split, as well as the Church of the Sacred Redeemer in Otavice. It is part of the bequest of the greatest Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović.
The collection is located in the family house in which Meštrović lived from 1922 to 1942. It was built in the 17th century and converted to make a fine studio and family house. The artist donated the house, together with 300 sculptures in stone, bronze, wood and plaster, together with drawings, lithographs and specimens of furniture done to his own designs, to the country.
The Atelier looks after a fine set of the artist’s photographic documentation and his personal records, as well as of others artists related to the works and person of Ivan Meštrović. The permanent exhibition is set up in an authentic setting, with works of Meštrović created up to 1942.