Lenucijeva potkova

Lenuci’s Horseshoe

Lenuci horseshoe is a complex of eight squares and parks in central Zagreb.
Lenuci or green stream is representative of an area that provides an important feature of Zagreb’s urban identity. The new parks formed a U shape similar to a horseshoe.
The parks were projected between 1883 and 1887, at a time when today’s Donji grad formed the southern outskirts of Zagreb.
The horseshoe got its name from Milan Lenuci, one of the most prominent architects of his time and a city planner during the expansion.
1. Zrinjevac square
Nikole Šubića Zrinskog
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2. Strossmayer Square
Square J. Strossmayera
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3. King Tomislav Square
King Tomislav Square
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4. Ante Starčević Square
Ante Starčević Square
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5. Botanical garden
 Square Marka Marulića 9A
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6. Marko Marulić Square
Marko Marulić Square
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7. Ivan Mažuranić Square
Square Ivan Mažuranić
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8. Republic of Croatia Square
Square Republic of Croatia
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