Nikola Tesla Museum

Tue-Fri 09.00-15.00; Sat-Sun 09.00-13.00
Savska cesta 18

The Technical Museum was founded in 1954. The museum’s holdings comprise more than 6,000 items from Croatia and abroad. The energy conversion selection shows how various kind of energy are obtained and converted. The transportation section shows the development of all kinds of transport, and the drive machines unit has the oldest machine in this part of Europe. The geology, mining and petrol section deals with the phases in which the materials are created and how they are extracted. Models of the first artificial satellites, orbital stations and spacecraft make up the Astronautics Collection. Also present at the Firefighting, Basic Agriculture and Apisarium, and Major Figures of Croatian Science and Technology sections. The permanent exhibition is structured in terms of sections, in which, in a didactic manner, the development and application of technical advances are shown. There are some distinct units: the Planetarium, the Apisarium, the Mine (model of mines for coal, iron and non-ferrous metals, about 300 meters long), and the Nikola Tesla study. The Museum organizes educational, study, informative and occasional exhibitions, lectures and panel discussions on popular science, as well as playrooms and workshops.