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[stextbox id=”download”] Parking in the Tuškanac Garage – Address Tuškanac bb GPS NAVIGATION – parking price 24 hours – 60 Kn (8 EUR). When you enter the garage – you have to go to the ground floor office and change the regular ticket to the daily ticket – you pay 60 Kn immediately – very easy (you need to say the registration number of the car and your name).

Useuful places near apartment
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1. Konzum - Grocery store
Mon-Sat 07-22; Sun 07-19
Trg Petra Preradovića 6
Inside shopping center -1 floor.
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2. Bakery Dinara - Burek
~ 0.5-2€/person
Mon-Sun 05:30-20:30
Preradovićeva ul. 1
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3. Currency exchange BANK
Mon-Sat 09-19
Bogovićeva ul. 6
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4. ATM - Privredna Banka
Bogovićeva ul. 6
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5. Nova Rent a Car - rent-a-car
~ 40€/day
Mon-Sun 08-20
Ul. kneza Borne 2
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6. Gradska Ljekarna - Pharmacy
Trakošćanska ul. 30
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7. Batak Grill - Croatian cuisine
Credit Card accepts
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