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Organized day-trip from Zagreb:

Opatija centar
E taxi transfer:
+385 99 668 3703 Neven
NOTE: Please make a reservation 24 hours in advance

– Start from your apartment/hotel in 08 AM
– Arriving in Opatija in 10 AM
– Start from Opatija in 17 PM
– Arriving in Zagreb 19 PM
NOTE: You can call your driver any time to pick you up!



Car with private driver 228€/1-4 person
Van with private driver 255€/1-8 person

Opatija is a town in Primorje-Gorski Kotar County in western Croatia. The traditional seaside resort on the Kvarner Gulf is known for its Mediterranean climate and its historic buildings reminiscent of the Austrian Riviera.

The Lungomare has been a favourite walking path for local people and their visitors, a motif of countless photographs and paintings, and an essential part of Opatija’s townscape when viewed from the sea.

While walking along the Lungomare, one can admire many magnificent villas – prime examples of Belle Époque architecture, discover monuments commemorating people important in the local history or statues that have become symbolic of Opatija (such as the Girl with the Seagull), rest awhile on a secluded bench in the shade of hundred-year-old trees, remember how people here used to live in the past (the freshwater source in the small port of Dražica), be charmed by quaint coves and beautiful pebble beaches, or enjoy a drink or meal on a terrace right by the sea…