Strossmayer Square

Square Josipa Strossmayera

On your walk between King Tomislav square and Zrinjevac park, you might stumble upon the curious monument of Josip Juraj Strossmayer in the center of a park hidden among the trees. You’ve just discovered one of the nicest and most underrated squares in Zagreb, bearing the name of this prolific bishop that gazes upon you from his statue with a firm look.
Josip Juraj Strossmayer was a Roman Catholic bishop, Croatian politician and benefactor born in Osijek in 1815.
Even thought he was a supporter of the Habsburg Monarchy, he nevertheless strove to obtain more rights for the Slavs within the Monarchy. He advocated federalization, merging of all Croatian lands under the Kingdom of Hungary, as well as the introduction of Croatian language into public administration and schools.

The Strossmayer Square as a whole can give you a glimpse the 19th century if you look carefully. All around the square there are beautiful palaces built at that time. And it was an important square in that moment of history – everyone who wanted to consider themselves important just had to have a house in this very part of Zagreb.