Address: Vlška 79 / Zagreb
Ambience: Romantic, Fine dining
Parking: Yes
Good for: Lunch, dinner, drinks and coffee

Vegehop Restaurant is a place where your spirit and body revive in a warm and soothing atmosphere.

Combining organic whole grains, legumes, sprouts, algae, super-foods and other nutrition-rich foods from our local producers, the top Chef Vegehop’s chefs create the harmony of color, taste and smell and the real feast for your senses. Brown and red rice, bulgur, proso, quinoa, amaranth, tofu, seitan, tempeh, whole wheat flour, salad, buckwheat and spinach, various sprouts and algae and other healthy foods are part of daily menus. Offer also enriches musaks, lettuces, tortillas, pasta, fresh salads …

 Thank you for choosing the Healthy for yourself and for planet Earth.